violet-flame CRWM

This painting is related to the transformational power of St. Germain’s violet flame.  Human discordant thoughts and feelings are the reason there is so much suffering and destruction in our world. When all humans develop enough self-discipline to be aware of and choose thoughts and feelings with deliberate benevolence, our world will be brought into harmony, and peace will reign. 

St. Germain brought the world the violet flame of compassionate forgiveness to help us transmute discordant thoughts and feelings.

I see within this Pulsing Flame,

I listen, and hear my Secret Name !

I feel the Glow - the Great Flame Breath,

"I AM" the Victor over death !

I stand forth free - ASCENDED NOW !

To my Heart's Light, all things do bow;

"I AM" a Being of Cause alone,

And that Cause Love - the Sacred Tone !

    -a section from Chanera’s Ascension Poem from Unveiled Mysteries

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