This painting was inspired by a lucid dream I had that greatly impacted my experiential understanding of Universal Consciousness.  Within the dream, I was being pulled up through layers of utter darkness. It felt like I was traveling upward on some kind of invisible elevator through a black void.  As I traveled upward through  black nothingness I experienced a great deal of fear and anxiety. The more I was able to release my fearful resistance to what was happening, the higher I was able to rise until finally breaking through the darkness into a beautiful view of endless stars and galaxies all around me.  

I remember feeling held by a profound sense of belonging when I realized that I was a point of pure awareness in space observing the creative process of Universal Consciousness. In that moment I realized that all the stars around me were also points of pure awareness and that I was One with all points of awareness!  This sense of Oneness melted away all fear as I felt so utterly held, loved and in peace.  I said to myself in that moment “I’m okay…everything is okay.”

When I awoke from the dream I felt like I had been given a very special gift of experiencing my Oneness with Universal Consciousness.  And in times when I feel overwhelmed with fear and anxiety from the uncertainty in my world, I remember the perspective I was given in my dream and I feel reassured that “I am okay”.

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