Cons-Ev-II still-ev CRWM

This work is an expression of the deep yearning and impulse within the human psyche to evolve into higher potentials of harmony with life.   

This painting is very dear to my heart as it celebrates hope in the evolutionary process of Life to restore balance on Earth through the development of human consciousness into more sophisticated understanding of its Unity with its creative source and the need for fundamental coherence and cooperation with our Mother Earth and all of our Earth siblings.

When human consciousness realizes its Oneness with all of Humanity, Life, Earth, and the Universe, the natural energies of Life will harmonize human thinking and action into that which serves the highest good and prosperity of all.  

I hold this vision and possibility for our world and this painting is not only a prayer for this to be so but it is a declaration of intention to align with a thought system based on Love, Unity and the Truth of our benevolent nature.

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