'Amethyst River' is a meditative experience offered in visual form.  It is an access point to a state of calm awareness beyond the mental and emotional turbulence of the ongoing human thought stream.

The objects and symbols in this painting contribute to the meditative quality of the piece.  Amethyst crystals are commonly used as meditation stones and were included for their quieting influence on the mind.  The water element symbolizes purification, while the plants bring associations of time spent in nature, evoking a sense of serenity we often experience when we feel our unity with the Earth.

The triquetra symbols represent the trinity of mind, body and soul.  These symbols are depicted through the space between the sky shapes and the back drop of outer space inviting the viewer to be aware of the spaciousness around the objects. The emergence of objects within the context of an expansive container of limitless space symbolizes the inner shift that occurs in meditation when one removes attention from thought objects and, instead, pays attention to the “space” from which the thoughts arise.  This shift in focus towards awareness itself frees the psyche from over identification with thought objects and purifies the mind.

The sun in the center of the triquetra shapes signifies the center of conscious awareness from which unity of mind, body and soul can be experienced as the calm inner stillness that is cultivated through meditation.

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