Inner Light Series

Original works with india ink & pen on design paper or canvas.  This series speaks to the formless dimension within all lifeforms which is the sacred depth of being from which we realize our Oneness and access healing from the larger field of creative universal support. 

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InnerLight Hummingbird16 5x7 paperInnerLight Hummingbird15 5x7 paperInnerLight Hummingbird4 8x10 canvasInnerLight Hummingbird3 8x10 canvasInnerLight Hummingbird2 8x10 canvasInnerLight Warbler3 5x7 paperInnerLight Hummingbird14 5x7 paperInnerLight Hummingbird17 5x7 paperInnerLight Hummingbird6 8x10 canvasInnerLight7 hummingbird 8x10 CanvasCosmis-Hummingbird Mandala-Dance 12x12 gesso-boardInnerLight Hummingbird9 8x10 CanvasInnerLight Hummingbird1 16x20 canvas

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